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Best Places to Work
For Women and Minorities

(listed in alphabetical order)

Altavera Mortgage Services
Alterra Home Loans
BBVA Compass
Certified Credit
Deb - California Company
Equity Prime Mortgage
Fannie Mae
First Community Mortgage
Freddie Mac
New American Financial
Pulte Mortgage
Quicken Loans
SD Capital
Texas Bank Mortgage

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NAMMBA Top 100
Loan originators
in america

(listed in alphabetical order)

Alex A Jimenez - Hancock Mortgage
Alexander J Varela - PrimeLending
Amy Wolff - Direct Mortgage Loans, LLC
An Le - PrimeLending
Ana C. Tolentino - Atlantic Coast Mortgage
Andres J. Munar - Movement Mortgage
Basel S Mazahreh - Creative Financial Network
Becky Brown - New American Funding
Brandy Nelms - Guild Mortgage Company
Brenda Worthen - PrimeLending
Camilo Rodriguez - The Federal Savings Bank
Carey Ann Cyr - CMG Financial
Carlo Colantonio - CMG Financial
Carolina Moreno - Texas Bank Mortgage Company
Chris Minjarez - CMG Financial
Cindy Laffey - Inlanta Mortgage Inc.
Deb Higgins - New American Funding
Debbie Cash - Certainty Home Loans
Desteni C Mason - KTL Performance Mortgage
Diane Clark - PrimeLending
Diego Giraldo - Texas Bank Mortgage Company
Erin Moore - PrimeLending
Fritz Julien - Key Mortgage Services
Gene Frazier - PrimeLending
Gloria Price - PrimeLending
Heather Enochs - New American Funding
Hung Le - Movement Mortgage
Jill Lyons - CMG Financial
JoAnn Merrill - Alpine Mortgage Planning
Jodi Ryder - C2 Financial Corp
Joseph Chacko - C2 Financial Corporation
Joy Prisching - Key Mortgage Services, Inc.
Julie Howell - PrimeLending
Karen Chiu - New American Funding
Kyle Murata - CMG Financial
Laura Sosa-Rocha Witte - Northpointe Bank
Maria Salas - Texas Bank Mortgage Company
Mary Jo Smith - CMG Financial
Mattie Ford - Delta Community Credit Union
Melissa Gibson - New American Funding
Misty Leonard - Guild Mortgage Company
Monika DeJesus - United Northern Mortgage Bankers
Nichole Allison - New American Funding
Nicole Smith - Flagstar Bank, FSB
Norma Guerrero-Cowes - DHI Mortgage
Pamela Caldwell - Certainty Home Loans
Phyllis McDaniel - PrimeLending
Ridhi Raheja - Movement Mortgage
Robin McCauley - Caliber Home Loans
Rocio Portella - Paramount Residential Mortgage Group
Samantha Zumwalt - Paramount Residential Mortgage Group
Samir Dedhia - SD Capital Funding
Sharon McCormick - PrimeLending
Shashank Shekhar - Arcus Lending Inc
Sofia Travayiakis - Mortgage Network, Inc.
Stephanie Morgan - PrimeLending
Susan Moore - Certainty Home Loans
Tammy K Hajjar Miller - The Federal Savings Bank
Vanya Griffith-Mayes - Certainty Home Loans
Vick Bedi - SD Capital Funding
Wendy Thompson - Brighton Bank