Training Overview

Together with Genworth Mortgage Insurance, NAMMBA is bringing training right to your fingertips. Designed with members in mind, this series of courses is intended to strengthen your skill set and position you for ultimate success.


Why MI? The First-Time Buyer and the MI Solution

This webinar reviews the benefits of mortgage Insurance (MI), various MI products, how to calculate MI rates, Genworth’s online tools and resources, and the rules of MI cancellation.


Time Management

This session reviews "best practices" about making the most of your workday, how to make better use of your time, and how to achieve business goals.


Avoiding Common UW Errors

The best way to avoid making the most common underwriting errors is to know what they are. This session will provide you with that information. It includes feedback from many sources, including seasoned underwriters and file reviewers.


Intro to Mortgage Industry

Designed for new personnel, those new to the mortgage industry or individuals who need a refresher on: Industry Terms, Evolution of the Mortgage Industry, Characteristics of Different Types of Lenders, What is the Secondary Market and Types of Mortgage Related Income


Asset Review

Learn how to review bank statements and assets, identify acceptable assets, and identify key compliance and misrepresentation components.