NAMMBA Talent Hub


The Talent Hub is NAMMBA's digital platform connecting college talent to the Real Estate Finance industry through education, mentoring, internships, and career opportunities. College students and recent college graduates can learn about the various careers in the industry, take courses and gain directly transferable skills in the many areas of Real Estate Finance. Students can connect with mentors who are executives and experts with decades of experience in their specific fields, and when students are ready, they can connect to exciting internships and jobs.

Talent Hub allows NAMMBA's partners to post internships and jobs, and allow recruiters to actively recruit talent. Through this hub, partners can provide online workshops, webinars, mentorship, and other professional development opportunities to reach more students and future employees.  

NAMMBA aims to connect 50,000 students to opportunities in the Real Estate Finance industry through our Membership programs and Talent Hub Resources. The Talent Hub's Four Pillars of supporting students and recent graduates are:

1.) Financial Literacy

2.)Introduction to Careers in Real Estate Finance

3.) Mental Health and Well-Being

4.) Mentoring

In 2021, we will be kicking off our Talent Hub Webinar Series and Events with professional partners, all focused on supporting students through our Four Pillars. Please join us!


Talent Hub is an excellent free resource for students! Click the link below to visit Talent Hub!