In 2020, nearly 4 million college seniors will be entering into the workforce according to a report from CNBC.

This generation of graduates will not only be faced with an unplanned economic recession never seen before over the course of their lifetime but, will also have mounting student loan debt and no income to support this debt load.

While the job market is already showing signs of improvement, you can help by making a financial donation to support our #STUDENTCHALLENGE campaign, which seeks to provide the tools, resources and support needed to assist current college students and recent graduates with entering into the workforce.

As a result of COVID-19, we are launching a national initiative to support students in four (4) primary areas: job assistance, financial literacy, career development and mental wellness. We are truly grateful for your willingness to help and below you will find resources on how your support can impact these students and our communities. 

Were also pleased to announce NAMMBA has joined with the business community to help students find careers in the real estate finance industry. NAMMBA will connect students, higher education, corporations and individuals who want to be a part of this initiative while making a difference in our local communities.

Thank you for your support.


How Companies Can Get Involved

The #50KSTUDENTCHALLENGE is open to all companies and their employees to become involved in this initiative. The following are benefits of partnering with us:

  • Community and workforce development 

  • Company recognition and branding opportunities

  • Employee participation

 How Colleges & Universities Can Get Involved

The #50KSTUDENTCHALLENGE is open to all higher education institutions to become involved in this initiative on behalf of their students. The following are benefits to our partner institutions:

  • Complimentary job placement, financial literacy, career development and mental wellness resources to students

  • Free participation to all institutions and their students

  • List one more benefit

How Students Can Get Involved

The #50KSTUDENTCHALLENGE is open to all college students and recent graduates. The following are benefits to students participating in the program:

  • Receive job placement, financial literacy, career development and mental wellness resources for FREE

  • Hear from company CEOs, HR Executives and employees on various career opportunities

  • Learn about careers in real estate finance, fintech and technology

  • Start A Movement help launch a NAMMBA chapter on your campus CLICK HERE

  • Get a complimentary membership to NAMMBA

How Individuals Can Get Involved

  • Join NAMMBA to serve as a volunteer 

  • Share with college students in your local community 

  • Share with your HR Executive at your current employer 


Join us as we respond to significant needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are able, we invite you to donate to the NAMMBA Foundation to support the areas of need below: 

  • MISSION2025: Support 5-year goal to provide 50,000+ students with financial literacy in colleges and high schools

  • Support: Significant resources (employees) needed to support MISSION 2025 goal nationally

  • Scholarships: Needs based scholarships to deserving students financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.