Who is NAMMBA?

We are The National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America. Our goal is to help make a difference in our industry by being involved in our industry. At NAMMBA, we want to increase the engagement of minorities and women within the mortgage industry into roles which can positively impact our industry by providing diverse perspectives

Who does NAMMBA serve?

NAMMBA is a purpose-driven organization that is dedicated to the inclusion of minorities and women in the mortgage industry who are advocates for sustainable home ownership in local communities. Our mission is to increase the engagement of minorities and women in the mortgage industry by actively being involved at the local, state and national level of the Mortgage Bankers Association.

How does NAMMBA benefit its constituency?

NAMMBA believes all mortgage professionals deserve an opportunity to grow and develop their skills within the industry while making a positive contribution to their respective institutions. We achieve this by preparing individuals to demonstrate a high level of professionalism and commitment to promoting sustainable homeownership in the communities they serve.

NAMMBA accomplishes its mission by:

  • Educating, developing and mentoring mortgage professionals who represent the minority and women segment within the industry
  • Advocating for public policy that supports the Mortgage Bankers Association of America mission
  • Facilitating relationships among mortgage banking firms, industry stakeholders and other housing industry professionals.


NAMMBA will be governed by a national board of directors that determines the mission and purpose of the organization, provide financial oversight, ensure adequate resources, ethical integrity and accountability and determine, monitor and strengthens the organization’s programs and services.

NAMMBA directors are mortgage professionals and other practitioners within in the mortgage industry. NAMMBA also receives guidance from a Corporate Board of Governors (CBOG) who issue recommendations on issues key to the organization. CBOG leaders consist of professionals from the mortgage, real estate and housing industries.


How will NAMMBA benefit you?

At NAMMBA, we will align all of our resources to deliver the following to our members:

  • Networking Opportunities – NAMMBA conferences, seminars and local chapter meetings provide a robust forum for the engagement of members to share ideas, experiences and shared challenges. These gatherings offer a rich learning experience our members consider invaluable.
  • Advocacy –Our goal is to be a powerful and influential voice on legislative issues related to lending practices and regulations that negatively impact mortgage banking industry.
  • Leadership – NAMMBA will mentor aspiring leaders and promote the placement of accomplished, highly skilled mortgage bankers into key positions throughout the mortgage industry.
  • Professional and Business Development – The desire to become more and do more is a core competency that NAMMBA seeks to instill in its members through new education programs, business models, partnerships and alliances where diversity is highly valued and recognized.

How much is membership?

Membership is $35 for a calendar year.

What are the benefits of membership?

Members enjoy discounted pricing for NAMMBA National and local chapter events, which includes the National Convention. Members are also invited to participate in exclusive, member-only events throughout the year, which offer one-of-a-kind networking opportunities with other industry leaders. NAMMBA provides members with advocacy opportunities throughout the year, as we are the only minority trade association in the mortgage banking industry, and we promote important legislative issues which are significant to our members and the MBA as a whole. Members also enjoy access to the NAMMBA logo to use in marketing material, and additional benefits from your local chapter!


Who is eligible for membership?

Membership is open to all who have an interest in the betterment of minorities and women in the mortgage industry and any individual employed in the housing industry including real estate agents, title companies and industry affiliates.

Do you have to be a minority to join?

No. Many of NAMMBA’s members are non-minority but share a passion for our mission.



Does the organization function nationally or locally?

NAMMBA is a national organization but also functions at the local level and will have a number of local affiliates throughout the country. Each affiliate is a legally independent organization that has an affiliate relationship with NAMMBA National. Members of NAMMBA chapters are by default members of NAMMBA National as well.

Who are NAMMBA’s leaders?

A national volunteer board of directors governs NAMMBA, sets strategic priorities and provides guidance to the staff. The board is comprised of mortgage practitioners and corporate executives from across the United States.

How can NAMMBA help me as a mortgage professional?

NAMMBA’s primary mission is to engage, educate and develop minorities in the mortgage industry and position them to become leaders within the Mortgage Banking Association at the local, state and national level. Through NAMMBA events, webinars and chapter meetings, members will be exposed to a range of experts and business-based material that helps them improve their career. NAMMBA conferences and meetings also provide an invaluable forum for members to network with other like-minded professionals to exchange ideas about unique workplace challenges that come with being a minority in the mortgage industry.

How can I be more involved with NAMMBA?

Join your local affiliate NAMMBA chapter and if one doesn’t exist in your area, join the movement to start one. Your exposure to other like-minded mortgage professionals will empower and motivate you. NAMMBA members share a strong passion and commitment about being involved in the mortgage industry.